Westmorland Organisations

A county lives through the part it plays, not just in the affections and affinites of its people, but also in their daily lives. Listed below are some of the Westmorland’s many social, sporting, leisure and cultural organisations. If you wish your organsiation to be added to this list please contact us at¬†mail@westmorland-association.org.uk.
Westmorland County Agricultural Society – Westmorland County ShowCumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological SocietyWestmorland Arts Trust

Westmorland Badminton Club

Kendal and South Westmorland Beekeepers’ Association

Westmorland – Campaign for Real Ale

Westmorland County Contact Bridge Association

Westmorland County Football Association

Westmorland Football League

Westmorland Croquet Club

South Westmorland Family History

Westmorland Cricket league


Westmorland Damson AssociationWestmorland Geological SocietyWestmorland Horticultural SocietyWestmorland Motor Club

Westmorland Music Council

Westmorland Orchestra

Westmorland Youth Orchestra

Westmorland Red Squirrel Society

Westmorland Step and Garland Dancers

The Westmorland Way

Cumberland and Westmorland Wrestling Association

 Cumberland County Cricket club (formerly Cumberland and Westmorland County Cricket Club)

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  1. I notice Cumberland County Cricket Club is not listed. As a keen follower of the game, I have taken an interest in the team this season. Looking at their own website, it appears the team was reformed shortly after the War as Cumberland and Westmorland but had to restrict its playing name to Cumberland when joining the Minor Counties Cricket Association in the mid 50’s due to the ruling that a team could only represent one County and Cumberland was preferred. Having flown the flag at their four home matches this season and attracted quizzical enquiries, I asked the team manager if the team was prepared to be seen with the Westmorland flag as acknowledgement of their roots. They were pleased to do so and were extremely professional in their handling of the ‘photo call’. I’m confident that they would welcome the opportunity, if asked, to register the club on this site.

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