Westmorland Day

Westmorland Day is celebrated on 29 September each year.

Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland

Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland

On 29 September 1397, Ralph Neville was created the first Earl of Westmorland by Richard II. This date was chosen in a public vote at the Westmorland county show in 2013.

What is Westmorland Day all about?

Westmorland Day celebrations may be as little or as much as you choose to make them – we celebrate Westmorland Day because we love our county and it is right to reserve a special day to its honour.

Why not fly a Westmoland Flag? Whatever you do, don’t keep it a secret, let others know you care about Westmorland and tell them more about it.

The results of the poll to establish a county day for Westmorland held at the 2013 Westmorland county show:

1st – 29th September – Title of earl of Westmorland created
2nd – 30th January – birth of Lady Anne Clifford – Formidable mediaeval lady, patron of the arts, high-sheriff of Westmorland and resident of Appleby and Brougham as well as Mallerstang and Brougham.
3rd – 1st October – Battle of Tinghai – Westmorland Regiment earns its distinctive dragon badge
4th – 30th July – Death of Thomas de Strickland – Sheriff of Westmorland and standard bearer at Agincourt 
5th – 18th December – Battle of Clifton – Contender for the last battle on English soil

Why not fly the Westmorland Flag? You can find links to some place where you can buy one on the Westmorland Flag page.

Westmorland Flag (Illustration: Jason Saber)

Westmorland Flag (Illustration: Jason Saber)

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